My name is Mikkel Korup Lauridsen and I go to the equivalent of highschool in Denmark, where I am currently studying Innovation and science. I have a great interest in programming and how to use applications in everyday life.

The interest in Tesla and this application occurred when we in 2014 got the amazing Tesla Model S P85. My father had some ideas on how to get more out of your Tesla and thus came the idea for this application. We continually assess new ideas and planning them as we have the time. The application is fully functional as it is, but there are many exciting new ideas on the drawing board. Just as your Tesla is getting better and better, the intention is to make this application better and better. If you have any further ideas to improve the functionality, I would love to hear them.

There is much emphasis on ease of use and it should be easy to get started without having to install programs. Therefore, one can instantly create and gain access to all the features. The only thing you need is an Internet browser and then you can get started. The application can of course be used in his Tesla, but you can also use it on your PC when not driving.

Another thing that has attached great importance is the safety of the program. We're talking both operating safety, but also access to sensitive information. Therefore I also recommend all users to create a "strong" password.

I hope you will get much benefit from this service and continuous new features