Quick guide for setup of Linkmytesla

Version 1.00 - 12 may 2015

1) Open www.linkmytesla.com in an internet browser.

2) Press the button [LAV BRUGER](Danish for "Create user") and enter details about desired username, email, and password. Email and password are for this site only and NOT the same as MyTesla. Click the button [OPRET](Danish for "Create").

3) You'll now recieve a mail containing an activation link. Click this activation link from the recieved mail, and you'll have registered your user.

4) Login on www.linkmytesla.com with your chosen login details..

5) Click on [OPSÆT](Danish for "Setup") and fill in the fields, then press the button [OPDATER](Danish for "Update"). Language can also be changed here.

6) Now the program will be needed to be linked with your account at Tesla. Press the button [FORNY NØGLE] / [RENEW TOKEN].

7) Fill in your Tesla email and password. Only if you have more than 1 Tesla car on your account are you needed to enter the car name. Click the button [FORNY] / [RENEW] to renew your token. A small delay might happen while the token is being generated by Tesla. Notice we do NOT save your tesla account details, the account details are for retrieving a token from Tesla's servers only. The token will be valid for 3 months (90 days) after which it will be needed to be renewed again. The token contains no information about your Tesla account and can't be used to change nor view your password.

8) Wait 2 minutes.

9) In your car you'll now open an internet browser and go to www.linkmytesla.com. A shortcut can be made to here.

10) Your login and the system are now active. Try to go for a drive and see if data is coming in correcly. Your data can be seen directly in the car, on your PC, or anything alike.