Terms to use Linkmytesla.dk

November 22, 2016

Between the user (the "user") and owner of Linkmytesla.com (hereinafter "we").

It is entirely at your own risk to use Linkmytesla.com and we can not guarantee that the data are accurate or complete. We are not liable for direct or indirect losses by using Linkmytesla.com.

Abuse of Linkmytesla.com will under all cicumstances lead to the exclusion of use. Under abuse is changing the code or communication with our server, but not limited thereof.

The user gives the right to the program to retrieve data from Tesla's servers for information about the car. The user is able to start and stop the service under setup. Access can at any time also be stopped at a written / E-mail to us.

Privacy is very important, we will under no circumstances give or sell data to a third part. If own data is wanted deleted, we will delete them from the server as soon as possible, including all existing backups.

In the event that the third part to have access to the server, the third part will always fill out a statement. While third part has access to the server, we will monitor that the data is not misused. The user can always get a list of the people that we have provided access to the server. We will only last resort use 3rd parties for assistance!

If the collected data is desired moved to the user privately, the user has the right to this for a reasonable fee. Data may be provided in raw form, as they exist in the database.

The owners of Linkmytesla.com

Mikkel Korup Lauridsen and Michael Lauridsen
Rebildparken 27
9220 Aalborg Ost